Hey amykathryn lovers! Did you know your handbag is part of a limited edition collection? We only produce a small amount of handbags each season, so we can continually bring you new bags, new colors and new collections! Once we sell out, we are out of that style. Three of the five bags in this picture are sold out.

I know I’ve told you that my favorite bag this season is Daffodil. I’m excited about it because it’s a brand new style- and I love the way my things are organized in it. We have a few Daffodil Camel bags and Daffodil Turquoise bags left in stock. Don’t wait to purchase, they’ll be gone soon! I’m carrying my Daffodil Camel today in Islamorada, FL. Gotta carry my camera and sunscreen to go out on the boat! Always, AMY

Yes, we’ve seen bright Magenta and Orange mix in many fashion scenes lately. Here is a different, color-combining inspiration for today. This was my board in the office as I left yesterday for vacation in Grand Cayman! I’m here now and anxious to go to the beach. Here’s a shot of some surfers in Malibu from the last time I went surfing.

Now I can’t wait to go jump into the super, warm Atlantic Ocean! I haven’t even seen it yet… but wanted to share with you first! Always, AMY

I’m actually here for a charity event with my family. I have to swim one mile in the ocean for the event. Yikes! Gotta go train!

Happy Monday! Lately I’ve been gravitating towards deep & rich colors.  Does that mean I’m craving more substance in my life?! Perhaps. Today’s color combo combines a deep and saturated golden tone, or mustard yellow, and a cheery turquoise teal.  It is both elegant and fun!

Rich Mustard & Teal:decor / door / clutch / ring / headband

What do you think of this color combo?

xo, Victoria

I’ve collected beads since I was a young girl. Much more than an adornment, they’re stories of cultures woven together. They represent the many hands that have run over them through time. I put this collage together to create a new story:Can you tell where I get my prints and patterns for amykathrn fabrics?  This is my favorite bead. ^ It’s from circa 1350. That’s pretty medieval! and pretty tough to fuse that glass in homemade kiln. You can see the pattern was placed on top of the core.amber, malachite, turquoise‘African trade beads’ circa 1850.O, and then I got carried away with paints on my tablecloth. Woops. Always, AMY

This black & white poster (ironically) spells it out very clearly.  Color is a huge part of our lives, and us girls here at amykathryn love it!  It has a huge effect on one’s mood, actions, and emotions.  Color is what inspires us, mesmerizes us, and drives us to create and design.  I thought it would be fun to create a weekly entry here on the amykathryn blog called “For Love of Color,” consisting of various inspiring images in a single (and new every time!) color scheme.  I hope you are inspired… Enjoy!

Earthy Brown & Turquoise:

1. 2. 3. 4.

xo, Victoria

Omg? Is it Spring yet? The colors of the amykathryn bags that are coming in next week indicate a big Yes. This is our most popular style, Gladiola.

And the whole design process started with a collage:…and another final result:& here is the Daffodil Turquoise in use. I’m carrying my new camera and sweater along with all my other stuff in this bag! No, it’s not a Prada, it’s an amykathryn. Yes, I’m in sunny Miami.Check out our Turquoise/Yellow bags on our shop page. Starts shipping February 1st. Always, AMY