Yes, we’ve seen bright Magenta and Orange mix in many fashion scenes lately. Here is a different, color-combining inspiration for today. This was my board in the office as I left yesterday for vacation in Grand Cayman! I’m here now and anxious to go to the beach. Here’s a shot of some surfers in Malibu from the last time I went surfing.

Now I can’t wait to go jump into the super, warm Atlantic Ocean! I haven’t even seen it yet… but wanted to share with you first! Always, AMY

I’m actually here for a charity event with my family. I have to swim one mile in the ocean for the event. Yikes! Gotta go train!

One of my favorite days in Morocco, was outside of Agadir in a little surf town called Taghazout. I had never felt an ocean as vast and exposed as this. The wave was a gentle giant and beautiful. Yes, there were horse and camel rides on the beach. Yes, it was surreal, even though we’ve all seen the sort on cheesy TV commercials.
I’m craving to go back to that break! Always, AMY