I so have patterns for prints on my mind. And inspiration is everywhere. I mean everywhere. The wood grain on this cafe table is making me think I should include knotty pine wood grain into handbags… Hmm… I am working on designing print patterns for fabric for Spring 2013 collection.

You are amykathryn‘s biggest fans – so we want to hear your opinion. Turn on your creative minds… Send me your ideas and I just might use them in our next collection!

I don’t know if it is because I’m excited for spring, but I am currently infatuated with floral prints and patterns…. on everything.  It makes me oh-so happy!{1  2  3  4 }

Here’s a detailed look at the new amykathryn print for the new spring bags.  It’s not all flowers, but there are definitely strong floral & plant inspired elements.This print is called “Roots.”  You could just get lost in all the tiny details Amy has created.  Talk about inspiration!

xo, Victoria

How to Screen Print Fabric… amykathryn Style! Here’s a simple and quick way I screen printed a piece of micro suede to make my grocery handbag tote. I used this material in my How to Make a Handbag video tutorials.

Do you screen print?  Share your printed work with me. If not, do you want help in getting started? Comment below. Thanks! Always, AMY

How to Make a Handbag

Step Three is Assembling Materials. This is important to think about how your materials will help you get the results you want in your handbag. Have you ever thought about if your fabric is sturdy enough for what you want to use your handbag for? What about the print pattern? Will it go the right way once you cut and sew together your handbag tote? Do you want more structure to your bag or do you want it to be floppy and loose? How long do you want your handles to be to fit comfortably on your shoulder? IS the thread you are using the color you want? Is your thread thick enough for the fabric you are using?

Get your stuff together! Always, AMY

See Step 1

See Step 2

As you may have noticed, amykathryn bags really stand out from any other brand. Most likely, it’s our custom printed textiles that make you notice their unique style. Every season the custom textiles are different. This time around I sprayed on a bit too much of my favorite perfume while I was drawing away. Miranda, from Parfumerie Fragonard in the south of France, inspired me for the print pattern in the Fall 2011 collection. I went to the parfumerie when I was a young, dreamy girl of 10 and then again when I was 15. So not only the scent, but nostalgia played a part in my creation of this pattern.

amykathryn uses organic cotton canvas of upholstery quality. We also use water based inks to screen print the fabric. Each piece of fabric is cut differently from the roll, making each bag unique. I love our soft and ethereal colors this Fall; Apricot, Denim, Olive and Black. What do you think of our fabric this season?