Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you to all who entered our amykathryn Mother’s Day Giveaway! And thank you to all our fans for subscribing to our blog and following us on Pinterest. Your enthusiasm and loyalty are helping us to grow and be able to do so much more (like our My Bag is Her Bag Campaign).  You are all a constant inspiration! We will be doing another giveaway very soon.  Today only use coupon code LOVE35 for 35% OFF your www.amykathryn.com/shop purchase! Enjoy your day!

xo, Victoria

Happy Friday amykathryn fans!

Are you on Pinterest?  We are… and we just love it.  Can you see the theme in what I’ve been pinning lately?

That’s right! All things green… it’s St. Paddy’s Day weekend after all.                                           1/ 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Have a great weekend!

xo, Victoria

I don’t know if it is because I’m excited for spring, but I am currently infatuated with floral prints and patterns…. on everything.  It makes me oh-so happy!{1  2  3  4 }

Here’s a detailed look at the new amykathryn print for the new spring bags.  It’s not all flowers, but there are definitely strong floral & plant inspired elements.This print is called “Roots.”  You could just get lost in all the tiny details Amy has created.  Talk about inspiration!

xo, Victoria

Love mixing colors that pop – yellow and blue – with subtle, simple. It takes me an extra second longer to decide what to focus on when a good mix of color is set forth. That extra second wows my day and sticks with me, whether I know it or not. All I know is color is my favorite toy.

MIxing it up with Poppy Apricot

I got this cute wallpaper trim at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. (I’ll share some other finds another day). My collages are pretty much the literal cut and paste- the throw back to high school collaging. Click here to see our Polyvore and Pinterest boards.  Always, AMY

That’s right… we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky amykathryn fan will win a bag of their choice from our Fall 2011 Collection!  This contest will run now through October 9th.  On Monday, October 10th we will announce the winner here on our blog.  All you have to do is one or all of the following:

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We all come from hunters and gatherers. Back in the day, my tasks would definitely have been on the gathering side of life.  I know this because of how I begin most creative processes, with a collage. Collaging has evolved in different forms, now with polyvore and pinterest becoming our choice of electronic gathering of color, ideas, inspiration.

Nathalie has begun to put together some great Polyvore boards for amykathryn.

A day in Town


Casual Day

We also have some lovely Pinterest boards up by Victoria for amykathryn.

I love going into that creatively organizing mode of cutting and pasting from real life printed anything. I guess I’m holding onto that habit of making those magazine cutouts of hot fashion, hot guys and crazy words that I put up in my room in the 90s. A sort of homemade teenage poster. O boy. So I will soon share some of my collages and what projects or designs that come from them. Hopefully the gathering of the collages you will see aren’t so teenage awkward and dorky. The whole point is gathering creative thoughts for the moment- what is hot right now! Always, AMY