If you follow our blog, have surfed our website, or are fans of ours on Facebook, you have seen her face before.  She’s the beautiful model for amykathryn.  

Her name is Lindsey Sporrer and she’s one of the sweetest people we’ve ever meet.  When it comes to doing our photo shoots each season, she is soo easy to work with!  Lindsey sure knows how to work the camera and she’s easy to style!  She makes our jobs here at amykathryn much easier. Here’s a look into her handbag:

ONE One smart girl! She is always equipped with self-defense spray on her key chain.

TWO This comes in handy when Lindsey is waiting at auditions.  She can be found reading from the Bible app!

THREE She drives with her windows down and these scrunchies keep her hair tied back! Lindsey prefers them over tough elastics that can damage your hair.

FOUR This organic lip balm is her go-to and “just trust her – it is amazing”.

FIVE To keep her skin healthy, Lindsey always keeps an SPF Face Lotion in her bag.

amykathryn model, Lindsey Sporrer, is smart and beautiful, isn’t she? Thanks for sharing Lindsey!See you soon.

What’s in your bag?!

xo, Victoria

AhhH! Busy, busy week with amykathryn Fall samples coming in, our new Daisy clutches from Rwanda (soon to be posted on our website!) and our Fall photo shoot ALL day yesterday. A beautiful outdoor theater in Topanga, CA was the location for our lifestyles. Our studio shots were fun and easy breezy. A sneak peek video will come… give me a month or two!

Irene Hovey – photographer

Lindsey Sporrer – model

Christian Escobar – make up artist

Victoria Anderson – stylist

Always, Amy Hall – the assistant helping all these talented ladies!

Each season, when we have our sample handbags made up for the following season, we plan a photo shoot so that you can see our bags styled and looking their best.  We hope the shots inspire you as to how to wear the bags, and if you can see yourself wearing them (that’s our goal!).  The photo shoots are SO important so we can get shots of all the many details and craftsmanship that goes into each style.  This photo below is from the latest photo shoot for this spring’s collection.  In the past couple years with amykathryn, it is my all-time favorite lifestyle photo thus far!  It features the Hyacinth Lilac messenger bag.  I love the romantic look, softness of the colors and the relatability to the model’s sweet smile.   Doesn’t she make you smile…. and want the bag?!

Do these lilac images create the same feelings as the image above?

Soft Lilac & Beige:

1. 2. 3. 4.

xo,                                                                                                                                  Victoria