I just moved into a new place and am so excited to create this succulent wall for my balcony! Here’s the pallet I’ll reuse from our Spring 12 shipment that came in about a month ago. I put it on my balcony where I want the wall to be. (Right now it’s upside down)I got the materials needed at the lumberyard. I used the cut plywood boards for the inside ‘shelving’ for dirt to not settle all the way to the bottom once it stands. I nailed a board to the bottom of the pallet for it to stand up.The small boards go in the the middle, towards the top and towards the bottom. Hammer them in with nails. Then lay the pallet facing down. Hammer in the large board for the backing of the wall. Turn the pallet right side up flat on the ground. Use an all natural palm and cactus soil to fill the pallet. Spread evenly and fill enough knowing soil will settle slightly.Use green moss to stuff any holes on the sides so dirt is secure.The pallet is almost full of dirt, but needs some more after planting. Place your succulents where you want to plant them.Water thoroughly after planting. The picture on the right shows the top of the pallet where there is room for a planter box. Plant more succulents once the pallet stands up. Prop up your pallet wall about a foot. Let the succulents take root and soil settle before you stand the succulent wall up vertically. Every week I will prop up the wall a foot or two more. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and the growth of the succulents! Always, AMY

This color post is originally inspired by the Daisy Forest Clutch currently featured in the amykathryn collection.


This clutch has great contrasting light & dark green tones… when I look at this print it takes me to a place like this:

Isn’t this such magical place in the deep forest? It’s so lush and alive.  It got me thinking, of all the things that come from the great forest.  It is where the many natural wood tone products featured below originated from.

Browns of the Earth:

spoons / keyboards / clock / dresser / bangle

What can I say, I’m in a warm brown mood today. What colors inspire you today?

xo, Victoria

If you’re ever driving from Miami area to the Keys, there’s a pit stop worth making before you get on the long stretch from the mainland to the isles. Right when you get off the freeway, at the first stop light, turn right and go for a couple miles. This is Florida City. You’ll come to fields of crops and a fruit/veggie stand. ‘Robert is Here’ is not touristy, like many places in the keys, but it’s my kind of place. I recently stocked up on some goodies to take to my parents house in Islamorada, FL. And they have amazing smoothies. I got the Papaya Key Lime. Yum! Always, AMY