My sweet friend, Amy Tan was published in this great book, Signature Styles! Amy Tan is an amazing everything! She scrapbooks And has a t-shirt line And is a wonderful creative consultant. I am addicted to her shirts that are so super original and cutesy. Her mommy, Chiao, hand stitches a lot of the shirts! (Chiao also loves to cook and I love to eat her food.) So Amy and I trade shirts and bags a lot… and that is how amykathryn ended up in Jenny Doh’s book Signature Styles.  Amy always is wearing them!

Amy Tan wearing an amykathryn Gladiola bag

An amykathryn bag published in Signature Styles by Jenny Doh

See Tara Whitney’s blog for great pictures of Amy Tan.

Amy outside of Surfing Cowboys- my favorite antique/vintage store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA

Click here to see Amy Tangerine’s blog. Amy has been a great inspiration and mentor for me starting this blog – Thank you Amy! Look for us out at LA events – we always do trunk shows and sample sales together. Always, AMY

Thanks to all the moms out there who love to use amykathryn bags as diaper bags. Or those moms who wear them to carry a lot of stuff for your kids while maintaining your stylish, eco look.

2 months ago, my brother, his wife and 2 kids moved to Solvang, CA which is about 3 hours north of where I live in Santa Monica, CA. Then a month ago, my sister, Bebe, moved to Encinitas, CA which is about 2 hours south of me. I’m so excited to have family close! This Labor Day was fantastic – Bebe drove up and picked me up to go to Solvang, CA. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful wine and horse country up there!

What a great getaway to wine country in Solvang, CA. Love being with my family!

I saw first hand from Elizabeth, my sister-in-law, how she liked using her new amykathryn Lily Olive with her kids, Gigi & Charlie. To all the busy moms out there, thanks for bringing along your amykathryn bag. Hopefully it helps you in a little way, to keep up with the kiddos. Always, AMY

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a mid day break from work to go surfing. Well, most days, and most times! I work hard, but I like to play just as much. What better inspiration than our sweet mother ocean. Here’s a little clip of me going up PCH to Topanga to surf:

Always, AMY

Bruises are already starting to show after two days of unloading and shipping your new Fall bags! I’m exhausted but I’ve most likely gained some muscles from the heavy lifting. Here’s our warehouse in Venice, CA. Can’t wait to hear what everyone will say once they receive their bags. They are on their way or ready to be shipped!

For all those on the East Coast, please take care of you and your loved ones as Hurricane Irene approaches. We’re thinking of you.

Always, AMY

our handbag factory! amykathryn produces a limited quantity of their styles each season. We are one of the very few fashion accessory lines that are totally original, designer bags for a really decent price.  Here are some very skilled people making the bags you love! amykathryn bags are made in Guangzhou, China. You can see how much work goes into each bag since we create our own styles and use so many different faux leathers and fabrics.

Those big boxes arrived here in Los Angeles today. Tomorrow, we will show you what it’s like unpacking and organizing all of them in the warehouse. There’s a lot that goes into getting your orders to you! Always, AMY

As you may have noticed, amykathryn bags really stand out from any other brand. Most likely, it’s our custom printed textiles that make you notice their unique style. Every season the custom textiles are different. This time around I sprayed on a bit too much of my favorite perfume while I was drawing away. Miranda, from Parfumerie Fragonard in the south of France, inspired me for the print pattern in the Fall 2011 collection. I went to the parfumerie when I was a young, dreamy girl of 10 and then again when I was 15. So not only the scent, but nostalgia played a part in my creation of this pattern.

amykathryn uses organic cotton canvas of upholstery quality. We also use water based inks to screen print the fabric. Each piece of fabric is cut differently from the roll, making each bag unique. I love our soft and ethereal colors this Fall; Apricot, Denim, Olive and Black. What do you think of our fabric this season?

First of all, it’s my name! My name is Amy Kathryn Hall. I design textiles and handbags and created a designer fashion brand using both. The designer label is amykathryn.  To make custom textiles, I draw the printed design and have a screen made of that design. I use water base inks to come up with some fantastic colors to use to print. The silk screen is used to print on organic cotton canvas. The fabric has a pattern so the fabric in each bag is cut in a slightly different way, making each amykathryn unique. This designer brand is Animal-Friendly & Eco-Conscious. I use faux leathers that are PVC-Free. The faux leathers are much cleaner for the environment to make. (Follow our blog & stay tuned for some great DIY videos on the amykathryn process of creating a handbag.)

I have found that the amykathryn woman likes to stand out in an elegant way. She likes some of the things I do; art, herb gardens, surfing, antique shopping and the wind in my face and hair. Women that wear amykathryn love their bags to be lightweight and to organize for them. amykathryn bags look best when carrot tops are sticking out of a tote, or when moms wear them with a rattle toy attached to their messenger, or when students have their laptop in a large carry-all.

I love creating original pieces of art. I see our handbags as functional art since each handbag is limited. We have created our own style in the marketplace. Creating a brand that is set apart from super trendy styles is not easy. We want to be unique, yet we want the woman who cares about style and function to love our look. Our customers have shown us that they appreciate and use amykathryn in their daily life. Thank you for helping us grow and be recognized!

The next step in the evolution of amykathryn, is to support women around the world that make handbags. Through this website, we will start to connect designers in need of support of all kinds. We’re looking forward to making a difference in the lives of women with the My Bag is Her Bag campaign.