This TOP 5: In My Bag Now post features Suzie Chamel, co-founder and designer of Foxy Originals! Go check out her beautiful jewelry designs; there’s so much great stuff to choose from… perfect finds for a gift, and always a little something for yourself.  Here’s a look at what is inside Suzie’s handbag:

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses  / 2 Kate Spade Wallet / 3 An extra pair of FoxyOriginals Earrings / 4 Bite Beauty lip gloss / 5 personalized Swiss Army Knife

Thanks for sharing Suzie! We love your style and jewelry . . .

One lucky amykathryn blog reader will win $50 worth of Foxy Originals jewelry!  Follow these 3 simple steps to enter:

  • Show Foxy Originals some love & Like them on Facebook
  • Visit the Foxy Originals Website
  • Leave a comment below telling us which pieces from their site you love (I’ve been eyeing their Ginger and Casablanca Earrings in gold!)

This giveaway runs now through Thursday April 19th. Tell your friends & good luck!

xo, Victoria


I’ve collected beads since I was a young girl. Much more than an adornment, they’re stories of cultures woven together. They represent the many hands that have run over them through time. I put this collage together to create a new story:Can you tell where I get my prints and patterns for amykathrn fabrics?  This is my favorite bead. ^ It’s from circa 1350. That’s pretty medieval! and pretty tough to fuse that glass in homemade kiln. You can see the pattern was placed on top of the core.amber, malachite, turquoise‘African trade beads’ circa 1850.O, and then I got carried away with paints on my tablecloth. Woops. Always, AMY

Luxurious Gold & Black:

1. 2. 3. 4.

So rich, I just love this glam color combo! What would you apply this scheme to? Your wardrobe? A fancy table setting?

xo, Victoria

Happy Monday! Since Amy is traveling in Morocco this month there will not be a Make It Happen Monday Video.  Instead, I pulled a few great images from our “Craft & DIY” Pinterest Board that reveal simple and fun DIY projects.  I encourage everyone to try at least one this week… GET CREATIVE.

Happy Crafting! Until next Time….                                                                                   Amy’s Fab Assistant, Victoria

Images:                                                                                                                                   1.  2.  3.  4.

Tony Duquette was a Los Angeles native artist influentially known for his decadent design style from the early 1940’s until his death in the late 1990’s.  He started his career designing extraordinary costumes and sets for theatre and film.  His designs were bold, colorful, elaborate, layered and always with a touch of imagination.  Duquette’s talent in theatre and film opened the doors to the arenas of interior design, furniture design, and even jewelry design.  Below are some snap shots I took of a few powerful pages from the book Tony Duquette by Wendy Goodman & Hutton Wilkinson. Enjoy!

Duquette always used bold colors and layered lots of patterns and lush textures in his interior works and costume designs.

It’s all in the many details… fantastical and fun!

Duquette had the ability to bring so many different visual elements and materials together and create a perfect harmony.

These are pics from pages of the Tony Duquette book.  I highly recommend you take a look at this book on your own, either from your local library or buy it here.

So, are you inspired like we are?  Always, Amy & Victoria