As the air gets crisp and the nights slowly get cooler, I can’t help but get more excited that fall is here.  I’m not going to lie, I was dreading the end of summer and in denial that it was actually happening.  I’m fully embracing it now!  As a brunette, I gravitate towards the rich, deeper hues that come into fashion for fall.  Here’s to the start of fall; earthy greens and deep blues, with highlighting cooler shades of those same colors.  The Iris Emerald Clutch of this fall’s amykathryn collection was the inspiration for this color mood board.

Deep Greens & Blues

For Love of Color, Deep Greens & Bluespocket sweater / abstract art / peep toes / doorway / buttons / clutch

What’s your favorite fall color?

xo, Victoria

Can you believe it’s almost August already?!? That was fast!  I’ve been enjoying my summer; taking in all the sun, surf and sand I can.  Even though my schedule is busy, I try to make it to the beach a few times a week – I live only about 500 yards away so I am soo lucky & grateful!

Instead of sitting in traffic and looking for parking, I’ve been cruising around on my new beach cruiser… with my amykathryn bag of course!

This was my view late afternoon this past sunday.  :)  All the of the sailboats were returning to the marina.

Venice Canals, CATwo weekends ago I was dog-sitting in Venice. We had a lot of fun walking the canals!

Where have you taken your amykathryn bag this summer?

Happy Monday, and even more importantly Happy Earth Day! Everyday is really Earth day, but today is a nationally recognized day and a great reminder  to take care of the BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking world we live in, so that we may enjoy it’s many treasures for years to come…

Instead of the usual For Love of Color post, I thought I’d create an inspiration mood board of textural watery blues and sandy orange browns found in nature and just full of movement and life.  Sometimes it’s nice to take in her breath-taking beauty.  Isn’t Mother Earth amazing?

Sandy orange browns and watery blues:

geode / water / bark / moth wing / tide pool / sky / desert / plant

amykathryn bag designs, color combinations and patterns are always inspired by nature – just look at our Lily Brown! Where do you find beauty?


In honor of Earth Day, today only receive 40% off in our shop using coupon code EARTH40 at checkout.

Yesterday, I volunteered & helped clean up a local beach. It was a beautiful day and so many people joined in! It’s up to each of us to make a difference. What are you doing for Earth day? Share with us! xo, Victoria

Handbag fashion

has a lot to do with the ever-changing trends in the market. Can you keep up with it? Honestly, I haven’t been able to – but don’t tell anyone! I think handbag fashion also has to do with function and loving your own personal style. So sometimes, often times, I get out of the office and find some inspiration for everyday, functional fashion for my handbag line.

I spent a wonderful day in Malibu with my sister and brother.

handbag fashion

handbag fashion

On the top left I captured my brother surfing, the kite surfer going super fast, and a seagull going even faster in one pic! Those pelicans on the right are such characters. It was crowded surfing in Malibu on a Holiday weekend, but it was fun. I went out there without a wetsuit because it was warm! As warm as it gets anyway…

handbag fashion

After surfing and relaxing on the beach on a perfectly hot day, I took my brother and sister to Malibu Cafe in the mountains up Kanan Dume Drive. It’s a magical wonderland of gardens and an outdoor restaurant and bar. I absolutely LOVE this canopy of shade made of umbrellas hooked on lines of twine.

handbag fashion

My brother and sister were being a little ridiculous pretending to be on their phones in such a great place. Yes, they were just pretending. I don’t think there was much reception up there in the mountains anyway! Bebe is wearing her handbag fashion bag – Hyacinth Camel.

handbag fashion

And now I’m back at the office where I opened up my first Fall handbag for this season. Yes, I still get very excited to get a new bag! and I love this one because of the colors, (of course) and because of it’s function. I love being hands free with this messenger style bag, Dahlia Sienna. What’s your favorite bag this season? Always, AMY

Here’s what my inspiration board in the office looks like today. I collaged a few things that really highlights what I am specifically working on for Spring 2013 design and print pattern for textiles. Some of my influences that are shown here in clipping examples are; misty mornings, coral reef of all kinds, fish, fish scales, sea creatures of all kinds, underneath the ocean, ‘watercolory’ plants that are being blown by the wind or sea, not perfect dots, not perfect zig zags, textured blue walls of stucco, textured blue and white reflections in a pool, water color painting, seafoam greens of all kinds, reflections on a lake, birds that are still for a moment of humor, and lily pads, of course, with their blooms.

inspiration design board

This may seem like a lot of influence that I’ve seen and felt everywhere recently but when it comes together in the office on my inspiration board, it becomes more tangible. Then I can break it down more and come up with my own original watercolor paintings and drawings to put together into a simple 2 dimensional print pattern. You’ll have to wait until next year to see what the fabric will look like! Here begins a long process of developing textiles and then using them in samples, combining materials and colors to get it just right for a collection!

It’s pretty amazing to think about what influences all of us. What goes into your imagination and how does it manifest itself in new forms? Always, AMY

I’ve been reading Franz Kafka’s, The Trial lately, so I’d thought I’d share a little quote about beauty. He sees things in a dark, Germanic kind of way, but somehow he’s very light, at least revealing of light somewhere in the darkness. If that makes any sense at all.

I took this picture in the country of Solvang, CA. That flower is probably faded by now, but it sure has it’s beauty here. And that is forever captured and forever beautiful! I am thinking of how fashion is ever changing and interesting as I work on designing for Spring 2013. Almost as quickly as flowers come and go. But it’s all in how we see things, what influences our imaginations and what we remember. For now, I’m going to appreciate the beauty of our Fall collection that is almost here! Can’t wait to see the bags in our warehouse.  Always, AMY

Today’s color combination is inspired by amykathryn’s Daisy Green Clutch (still available here!) from the My Bag Is Her Bag collection. These bright complimentary hues are vibrant and happy. Don’t you just love that shot of the fresh garden beans & peas?  After putting together this collage, I’ve decided I want the next bikini I buy to be these colors! Let’s see if I can find one on sale now that we’re nearing the end of the summer season…

The Greenest Green & Rich Purple:

beans&peas / clutch / decor / outfit

Does this color combination inspire you?

xo, Victoria

I spent another long weekend up in Santa Ynez for a bunch of family fun. It is the good ole wild west up there. Super hot days and cool nights. More campfires, smores, family dinners, baseball, swimming in the river and wineries.

This is the ranch house my family was renting, and the barn by the horses and the field out back going to the river. Everything here is so picturesque that I want to reach out and grab it because every vista seems like a postcard.

Fresh green apples were delicious straight from the trees. Cool water in the river was refreshing around mid afternoon. – that’s me with Adele & Gigi. Planting all kinds of seeds is a must around the kids.

My sister-in-law made fresh trout filled with fennel and onions barbequed on cedar planks with apple wood chips with the charcoal. OMG… Delicious! Those are fresh heirloom tomatoes from my garden. And there was tons of rosemary and California sage plants (above) growing outside the ranch house.

It was an amazing time to be together with family and to be outside all day and night. Since there are very few town lights in the valley, there are so many stars to see at night. I took a very dark bike ride with my brother coming home from Maverick’s saloon. Very adventurous hearing cows and horses off the side of the road and barely able to see the road. Quite a new definition of being free for me! There’s so much more to discover freedom in life…! Do what you love. Always, AMY

Since I get so much of my inspiration for amykathryn handbags from flowers, I decided to head over to Hawaii to take a look at those Hawaiian flowers. (and my good friend lives over there!) There’s nothing like the sweet tropical winds and flowers that thrive from the perfect weather. My friend donned me with a tuberose lei upon arrival. Then I was wearing Plumeria flowers behind my ear for the rest of the trip.

Ahh… relaxing!

There was a fire on the Island nearby but it hopefully wasn’t destructive. I swam 3 or 4 times a day in the ocean and really checking out the reef fish and swimming with the turtles. I love being underwater and am thinking about using coral reef and lava rock as my inspiration for Spring 2013 print pattern. It’s a little more earthy and grounded than Hawaiian flowers and abstract designs. What do you think? I’m usually floating in the clouds with my mind and creativity! So it was a blessing to swim in the ocean and let the waves take me around.

On my way over to Hawaii, I flew out of LAX and up the coast. Here is Point Dume in Malibu. One day I want to live here with a family including some chickens and a couple llamas. At the tip of the point and to the right in this picture is the surf spot and a most lovely beach with a big cliff. It’s truly a magical spot and a neat neighborhood.  But don’t tell anyone! Always, AMY


Wow, it’s almost August! Where has time gone? Before long, the amykathryn Fall 2012 Collection will be up in our online shop for pre-purchase, and the colors and styles of fall will be in full swing everywhere.  BUT we still have another month or so of summer, so I thought I’d keep the color posts “summery.”   Today’s color combination of nautical navy blue and a richly saturated coal is vibrant, fun, and oh-so pleasant! It definitely screams “coastal summer!”

Navy & Coral:

house / dress / bouquet / pillow

What colors are you loving right now?!

xo, Victoria