Today’s color combination is inspired by amykathryn’s Daisy Green Clutch (still available here!) from the My Bag Is Her Bag collection. These bright complimentary hues are vibrant and happy. Don’t you just love that shot of the fresh garden beans & peas?  After putting together this collage, I’ve decided I want the next bikini I buy to be these colors! Let’s see if I can find one on sale now that we’re nearing the end of the summer season…

The Greenest Green & Rich Purple:

beans&peas / clutch / decor / outfit

Does this color combination inspire you?

xo, Victoria

The pallet actually became a wall when it stood straight up (and no succulents fell out!) Quite the contrary, they all have new growth and are loving their home. The top of the pallet is a planter and I transplanted some succulents I started growing awhile ago. So it is finally finished… and thriving!

My only concern is that I planted too many succulents in the garden wall. They have all taken root, and have grown so quickly! Always, AMY

This color combo is perfect for this time of year. Pastels are everywhere! Personally, I find these soft hues hard to work with without looking too babyish or Eastery (which is okay if that’s what you’re going for!).  The trick, I believe to pulling off pastels is to not use more than one.  Here, I paired a soft minty green with a neutral.  By doing so this soft pairing is sophisticated AND playful at the same time.

Light Mint & Vintage Tan:

1. interior 2. earrings 3. fabric 4. photo 5. scarf

Do you have any tricks for pulling off pastels?

xo, Victoria

I just moved into a new place and am so excited to create this succulent wall for my balcony! Here’s the pallet I’ll reuse from our Spring 12 shipment that came in about a month ago. I put it on my balcony where I want the wall to be. (Right now it’s upside down)I got the materials needed at the lumberyard. I used the cut plywood boards for the inside ‘shelving’ for dirt to not settle all the way to the bottom once it stands. I nailed a board to the bottom of the pallet for it to stand up.The small boards go in the the middle, towards the top and towards the bottom. Hammer them in with nails. Then lay the pallet facing down. Hammer in the large board for the backing of the wall. Turn the pallet right side up flat on the ground. Use an all natural palm and cactus soil to fill the pallet. Spread evenly and fill enough knowing soil will settle slightly.Use green moss to stuff any holes on the sides so dirt is secure.The pallet is almost full of dirt, but needs some more after planting. Place your succulents where you want to plant them.Water thoroughly after planting. The picture on the right shows the top of the pallet where there is room for a planter box. Plant more succulents once the pallet stands up. Prop up your pallet wall about a foot. Let the succulents take root and soil settle before you stand the succulent wall up vertically. Every week I will prop up the wall a foot or two more. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and the growth of the succulents! Always, AMY

Happy Friday amykathryn fans!

Are you on Pinterest?  We are… and we just love it.  Can you see the theme in what I’ve been pinning lately?

That’s right! All things green… it’s St. Paddy’s Day weekend after all.                                           1/ 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Have a great weekend!

xo, Victoria

O this Blue. What can I say? I’ve only seen this color on this day. I was skimming along on an 11 foot boat out on the bay side of Islamorada, FL. It was overcast and it had just been really windy for a few days so the water was milky opaque. If I could bottle up these colors, shake it, and patent it, I’d name it Eerily Peaceful Deluge.Always, AMY

You know those bunches of herbs you get a the store or markets? A lot of times I was only using a few leaves, then putting in the refrigerator, only for it to be totally wilted the next day. So I decided to make bouquets to see if they last longer in water. All you need to do is buy a bunch of basil and cut the very bottoms of the stems and stick them in water. They like to be bunch together, so a taller glass or vase is best. Here’s my bunch of basil after one day. The day after you put them in water, the leaves droop a little bit because of their new environment. (see picture) But the next day, they should be fine. Change the water every day or two.

I have one of those pop out windows that were poular in the 80s! But my herbs love it. Sun and water is all you need.

Your basil can stay in the vase for a week or two. The key for your basil to grow, even during this time, is to eat it! Pinch the basil tops off and use them. Pinch the stem at the top of where 2 leaves are growing. Then those 2 stems will grow more leaves. After about a week, you’ll see roots growing out of the bottom of your bunch!

Leaves are thriving and roots are growing

Next your Basil is ready for its new home.Keep your basil in a bunch when planting. Make sure your soil is rich and you have good drainage in your pot. The gift that keeps giving. The next day your basil will have droopy leaves again adjusting to its new environment. But it should be happy to be in the earth again. Water a bit everyday or two. Yum! Always, AMY