Bright pink just never gets old for me! In today’s color post, I pair a bright magenta with a much less vibrant golden hue.  This warm combination is just perfect, I think.  A bright color with a subtle color; they compliment each other in such a great way; the magenta seems a bit more grown-up and the golden gets youthful.  Magenta isn’t going anywhere this Fall.  This bright color is going to carry into the next season, and this combo is a great hint for how to do just that.

Magenta & Golden:

dress / facade flowers / bedroom / handbag

The Rose Magenta handbag pictured above is still available in the amykathryn Shop… while supplies last!

It’s one of my favorite bags because its less structured and more soft-looking.  There’s a certain femininity and cuteness to it which I’m drawn to.            Not to mention, it is huge! I carry so much around, so I need a big bag.  Get it while it’s hot!

xo, Victoria

Happy Monday! Lately I’ve been gravitating towards deep & rich colors.  Does that mean I’m craving more substance in my life?! Perhaps. Today’s color combo combines a deep and saturated golden tone, or mustard yellow, and a cheery turquoise teal.  It is both elegant and fun!

Rich Mustard & Teal:decor / door / clutch / ring / headband

What do you think of this color combo?

xo, Victoria

Luxurious Gold & Black:

1. 2. 3. 4.

So rich, I just love this glam color combo! What would you apply this scheme to? Your wardrobe? A fancy table setting?

xo, Victoria