I’m not sure if you’ve noticed our new video on our website yet, but check it out! I have been working really hard on this new My Bag is Her Bag project. We want to help women right here in LA. The video shows the women I have been working with and why these women need our help. We are coming up with samples now for a Freedom Collection. Women who have recently been released from prison are making bags for amykathryn. It is interesting to explore what Freedom means to all of us.

We want to be able to create this collection and give the women jobs. We need your support to do that. Once we have our samples of the Freedom tote and Freedom handbag, we will create a kickstarter page. That way we can create the collection and support these women with help from fans like you!

We wanted you to be the first to see our new video for our proposed Freedom Collection! Women are supported and empowered by making handbags for amykathryn – that is why we are trying to expand My Bag is Her Bag. Share our video and comment freely. Always, AMY

You can grow your own lettuce garden super easy! I picked up this old crate box from the Rose Bowl Flea Market a bit ago. Then I waxed the wood to preserve it. Use any container or box you think is cool. Line the sides and bottom with plastic garbage bags. Then put a few big rocks in the bottom for easier drainage. Fill with soil. Plant your lettuce a few inches apart from each other and watch them grow… super fast. They like shade and a bit of sun. Pick them a lot and eat your greens!

The pallet actually became a wall when it stood straight up (and no succulents fell out!) Quite the contrary, they all have new growth and are loving their home. The top of the pallet is a planter and I transplanted some succulents I started growing awhile ago. So it is finally finished… and thriving!

My only concern is that I planted too many succulents in the garden wall. They have all taken root, and have grown so quickly! Always, AMY

Is it just me, or have you noticed that “Put a bird on it” can be rephrased more specifically to be “Put an Owl on It”? Those big eyes are everywhere now – in contradiction to the elusive real owl. Here are some vintage depictions that I like.

and I couldn’t help but show off this great friend of mine, the parrot. Big eyes and fantastic feathers make good fodder for my insatiable, creative print making. Always, AMY

We were recently featured in an article on CocoKouture.com.  CocoKouture is a young, fresh online magazine about style, trends, fashion, luxe life, and beauty.  Thank you to Macy & Jennifer for the great article!!!  Read it here.

Omg? Is it Spring yet? The colors of the amykathryn bags that are coming in next week indicate a big Yes. This is our most popular style, Gladiola.

And the whole design process started with a collage:…and another final result:& here is the Daffodil Turquoise in use. I’m carrying my new camera and sweater along with all my other stuff in this bag! No, it’s not a Prada, it’s an amykathryn. Yes, I’m in sunny Miami.Check out our Turquoise/Yellow bags on our shop page. Starts shipping February 1st. Always, AMY

Wow! Our Spring bags are almost here! We posted them on our website to pre-order. They start shipping on February 1st- ahh so soon! Here’s a preview and behind the scenes of a photoshoot.

Enjoy! Always, AMY

If you’re ever driving from Miami area to the Keys, there’s a pit stop worth making before you get on the long stretch from the mainland to the isles. Right when you get off the freeway, at the first stop light, turn right and go for a couple miles. This is Florida City. You’ll come to fields of crops and a fruit/veggie stand. ‘Robert is Here’ is not touristy, like many places in the keys, but it’s my kind of place. I recently stocked up on some goodies to take to my parents house in Islamorada, FL. And they have amazing smoothies. I got the Papaya Key Lime. Yum! Always, AMY

O, how cute are Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess? They’re doing a giveaway for one lucky gal, but if you want to shop now… use coupon code MESS25 for 25% off today and tomorrow only! 

Always, AMY

Continuing on with my travel adventure… I’ve never seen the movie Casablanca, but somehow I have these images of old school trains that run around the Moroccan countryside and to the coast. Well, they do exist and Khadija & I took one from Marrakech to Mohammedia, which is a stop or two after Casablanca. It had the aisle down one side of the train, with big windows on both sides, and the cabins with 3 seats facing each other. (Darleeling Limited is one of my fav movies – yes the train in the movie is in India – but it’s similar to my ride) I put my bag on the shelf above us and sat down with 4 other people in Muslim clad outfits. Most Moroccans wear jlabas. They have pointy hoods, and distinct trim detail. The 4 hour trip on the train was like sitting in a cradle going on those tracks, and the scenery was beautiful. It was littered with plastic bags of all colors. I drifted into a daydream about employing women in Morocco that make baskets and bags to replace the plastic. The reality of the difficulty in changing people’s habits brought me to refocus on the dwellings made of the beautiful red earth.

I had taken some pics of the train, country, and sunset but this is the day my phone was stolen right from my backpack as we got off the train. O well, my attachment to the first world, was gone and I became more free, in a way.

We went to Khadija’s friend, Abdulah’s, house to stay for the weekend. Her boyfriend, Abduselam was also there. Here’s a pic of my new friends in the town park by the coast.

The neighborhood of Mohammedia with a funky sculpture

The street the Abdulah's apartment

The feast we made… It took 4 hours of cooking and trying to communicate. I learned French, Arabic and Berber words for a lot of different foods. We all eat from the same plate and with our hands. Olives, olives and more olives with every meal. yum! Always, AMY