Happy Wednesday amykathryn fans!

We’re excited to share our Top 5 post with you today because it features the lovely Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess Blog.  Have you heard of this blog before? If not, we suggest you go check it out here.  We just love this blog!  Recently, we teamed up with Elsie and are giving away a handbag to one of her lucky readers.  Go enter and enjoy all the cool things she has going on. Also, today is the last day to enter our giveaway here on the amykathryn blog (enter here). Take a look at the things Elsie has rolling around in her handbag:

1 – Fuji-film INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera

2 & 4 – Notebook and pen (notebook shown found here)

3 – TOPSHOP Lips in Infrared

5 – Urban Outfitters Spotlight Sunglasses

Thanks Elsie! You are fun, creative and inspiring!

So readers, what’s in your bag? Email me to be featured in our TOP 5 series. Victoria@amykathryn.com

xo, Victoria

What you carry in your handbag says a lot about you.  For this edition of TOP 5, I decided to ask the designer of amykathryn herself “what is in your bag!?”  Here’s a peek at what Amy is currently carrying around with her:

1. Protection from the sun is a MUST! Z Block Serious Sunblock; “Because I burn in a minute…”

2. Her go-to lip gloss/moisturizer is Twist & Pout.  It comes in a round, colorful little container and is SPF 20.

3. This is Amy’s first (brand new!) good camera and she said she is obsessed! It’s the Red Nikon Coolpix L120.  Stay tuned to this blog for samples of her developing photography skills!

4. Joico Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil is Amy’s pick for keeping her hair conditioned.  She carries this small bottle around with her because “I love how shiny & smooth it makes my hair.”

5. A chocolate covered peppermint stick (not pictured) from the Neiman Marcus Restaurant sits in Amy’s bag “…for a moment when I need a pick-me-up!” Designing and managing a business requires energy!!!

Hope you were inspired! What’s in your bag?! Want to be featured in a Top 5: In My Bag Now post on the amykathryn Blog?  Email me at Victoria@amykathryn.com.

xo, Victoria