There’s something about the summer heat that draws me to bolder colors – especially in the wardrobe.  Cobalt blue is a bold, but cool option that I love to gravitate towards with my accessories.  I think the perfect pair to a bright cobalt piece is our blue chevron patterned bags, like the gladiola cream bag pictured below. A sierra brown is the perfect warm, rustic neutral to mix with the blues! Summer time For Love of Color:

Sierra Brown & Cool Blues:


ring / paper flower / bag / shoes / kitchen

What colors are you currently diggin?

O, and we only have literally a couple left of Gladiola Cream shoulder bag. Xoxo, Victoria

Happy Monday, and even more importantly Happy Earth Day! Everyday is really Earth day, but today is a nationally recognized day and a great reminder  to take care of the BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking world we live in, so that we may enjoy it’s many treasures for years to come…

Instead of the usual For Love of Color post, I thought I’d create an inspiration mood board of textural watery blues and sandy orange browns found in nature and just full of movement and life.  Sometimes it’s nice to take in her breath-taking beauty.  Isn’t Mother Earth amazing?

Sandy orange browns and watery blues:

geode / water / bark / moth wing / tide pool / sky / desert / plant

amykathryn bag designs, color combinations and patterns are always inspired by nature – just look at our Lily Brown! Where do you find beauty?


In honor of Earth Day, today only receive 40% off in our shop using coupon code EARTH40 at checkout.

Yesterday, I volunteered & helped clean up a local beach. It was a beautiful day and so many people joined in! It’s up to each of us to make a difference. What are you doing for Earth day? Share with us! xo, Victoria

This color post is originally inspired by the Daisy Forest Clutch currently featured in the amykathryn collection.


This clutch has great contrasting light & dark green tones… when I look at this print it takes me to a place like this:

Isn’t this such magical place in the deep forest? It’s so lush and alive.  It got me thinking, of all the things that come from the great forest.  It is where the many natural wood tone products featured below originated from.

Browns of the Earth:

spoons / keyboards / clock / dresser / bangle

What can I say, I’m in a warm brown mood today. What colors inspire you today?

xo, Victoria

This black & white poster (ironically) spells it out very clearly.  Color is a huge part of our lives, and us girls here at amykathryn love it!  It has a huge effect on one’s mood, actions, and emotions.  Color is what inspires us, mesmerizes us, and drives us to create and design.  I thought it would be fun to create a weekly entry here on the amykathryn blog called “For Love of Color,” consisting of various inspiring images in a single (and new every time!) color scheme.  I hope you are inspired… Enjoy!

Earthy Brown & Turquoise:

1. 2. 3. 4.

xo, Victoria