There’s something about the summer heat that draws me to bolder colors – especially in the wardrobe.  Cobalt blue is a bold, but cool option that I love to gravitate towards with my accessories.  I think the perfect pair to a bright cobalt piece is our blue chevron patterned bags, like the gladiola cream bag pictured below. A sierra brown is the perfect warm, rustic neutral to mix with the blues! Summer time For Love of Color:

Sierra Brown & Cool Blues:


ring / paper flower / bag / shoes / kitchen

What colors are you currently diggin?

O, and we only have literally a couple left of Gladiola Cream shoulder bag. Xoxo, Victoria

Happy Monday, and even more importantly Happy Earth Day! Everyday is really Earth day, but today is a nationally recognized day and a great reminder  to take care of the BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking world we live in, so that we may enjoy it’s many treasures for years to come…

Instead of the usual For Love of Color post, I thought I’d create an inspiration mood board of textural watery blues and sandy orange browns found in nature and just full of movement and life.  Sometimes it’s nice to take in her breath-taking beauty.  Isn’t Mother Earth amazing?

Sandy orange browns and watery blues:

geode / water / bark / moth wing / tide pool / sky / desert / plant

amykathryn bag designs, color combinations and patterns are always inspired by nature – just look at our Lily Brown! Where do you find beauty?


In honor of Earth Day, today only receive 40% off in our shop using coupon code EARTH40 at checkout.

Yesterday, I volunteered & helped clean up a local beach. It was a beautiful day and so many people joined in! It’s up to each of us to make a difference. What are you doing for Earth day? Share with us! xo, Victoria

One of the many things I love about summer is the fruit that is in season.  The grocery stores seem to be overflowing with berries! I picked up some big and juicy blueberries at the local farmer’s market this past sunday and I’ve decided to make some yummy muffins with them.  This is what inspired today’s For Love of Color post.

Blues & Neutrals (or as I call it “blueberry cobbler”):

berries / hat / tote / living room / birdy

This color combo is so homey, comforting, and cool – perfect for that summery feel! Off to make some muffins now!

What colors have you been drooling over lately?

xo, Victoria

Today I am feeling ancy and oddly energized.  I guess a good word to describe this is electric.  Today’s color combo is just that – ELECTRIC!  Inspired by the colors from the Daisy Purple Clutch in the current amykathryn collection, I put together a fun mix of images that combine purple and a bright, light blue.  Alone these colors exude something completely different from the electric feel they give off when they’re paired together.

Bright Robins Egg Blue & Playful Purple:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

What do you think of this funky fresh color combo?

xo, Victoria

O this Blue. What can I say? I’ve only seen this color on this day. I was skimming along on an 11 foot boat out on the bay side of Islamorada, FL. It was overcast and it had just been really windy for a few days so the water was milky opaque. If I could bottle up these colors, shake it, and patent it, I’d name it Eerily Peaceful Deluge.Always, AMY

Love mixing colors that pop – yellow and blue – with subtle, simple. It takes me an extra second longer to decide what to focus on when a good mix of color is set forth. That extra second wows my day and sticks with me, whether I know it or not. All I know is color is my favorite toy.

MIxing it up with Poppy Apricot

I got this cute wallpaper trim at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. (I’ll share some other finds another day). My collages are pretty much the literal cut and paste- the throw back to high school collaging. Click here to see our Polyvore and Pinterest boards.  Always, AMY

I think I’m still going to wear white after Labor Day. The summer is going strong still here in sunny CALIfornia and I’m embracing it as long as it lasts. A big swell came in and I was surfing a couple times this weekend. The ocean blue and the huge white water of the waves influenced me on this little inspirational collage. But after this came together, I realized the real reason for the blues, is the little hint of emotional blues that inevitably comes on Labor Day. A culmination of the season I can’t help but feel, even as the sun is shining and that crisp fall wind has a month or two yet till it’s arrival.

17th Century Portugese ceramic tiles, 18th century ceramic jar from Mexico, 20th century Japanese water color painting, contemporary hand blown glass jar, rugs, custom hand printed fabrics, jeweled butterflies, converse, polka dot skirt and blue bird.

So there you have it, the contrast of white and blue. Yet they go so well together. Always, AMY