Spring is here (finally!) and with warmer weather comes more traveling.  This calls for the perfect weekender bag – the amykathryn Dandelion duffel bag is just that and more!

This season’s duffel bag design is very structured  (sturdy) while still being lightweight.  It has 5 bottom “feet” which make it durable and resistant to wear and tear or it being tossed around and moved a lot.  With multiple pockets and compartments, you can stay organized, carry all your necessities and then some.  Below we had a little fun to show just how much you can fit inside this wonderful bag:


Get your own Dandelion duffel bag here -while supplies last!

Wishing you all a wonderful Good Friday & Easter Sunday- enjoy!

xo, Victoria

Here’s Ashley wearing amykathryn‘s Dahlia Graphite bag in Waikiki, Hawaii! Thanks Ashley for the pics! Have a great time living over there in HI.

It looks like that amykathryn is having a blast on the beach. Lookin’ good!

Where are you wearing your amykathryn? Send us your pics and we’ll post them…

Thanks! AMY

Today’s TOP 5: In My Bag Now post features a stylish and pretty traveler living in the city of Chicago.  Her name is Jillian Dieter and she’s the blogger behind Cornflake Dreams; a blog all about life, style and travel.  Jillian is just adorable and she recently featured amykathryn on her blog and hosted an amykathryn giveaway for her readers.

Take a look at what Jillian is carrying in her handbag:

 transportation card / cell phone cover / hand lotion / sugar lip treatment / clutch

Thanks for sharing Jillian! Be sure to check out her blog and Facebook page.

If you like her as much as we do, follow her on Twitter and PInterest too!  Now, what’s in your handbag?!

xo, Victoria


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The weather is getting warmer and we’re spending more time outside, running errands, taking day trips, and hitting the beaches.  The latest amykathryn design is suited perfectly for these fun little escapades.  Introducing our Grocery Tote:

Handmade using this season’s amykathryn custom fabric, this lightweight tote has heavy-duty handles and is very durable.  Now here’s where it gets fun; you can customize what the bag says by creating your own personal shopping list! How cool is that?  We have a few veggie and fruit Grocery Totes over in our online shop, but the design can be completely customized.  This makes for a great gift, or a good laugh! This is the Grocery Tote Amy is carrying this week!! If you are interested in ordering a custom tote, simply add a Grocery Tote from our online shop into your shopping cart.  When checking out, include your personal grocery list in the comments sections (Step 4).  It’s that easy! If you have any questions or requests, email me (Victoria@amykathryn.com) or Amy (Amy@amykathryn.com).

So what items would you have listed on your Grocery Tote?!

xo, Victoria

Happy Wednesday amykathryn fans!

We’re excited to share our Top 5 post with you today because it features the lovely Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess Blog.  Have you heard of this blog before? If not, we suggest you go check it out here.  We just love this blog!  Recently, we teamed up with Elsie and are giving away a handbag to one of her lucky readers.  Go enter and enjoy all the cool things she has going on. Also, today is the last day to enter our giveaway here on the amykathryn blog (enter here). Take a look at the things Elsie has rolling around in her handbag:

1 – Fuji-film INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera

2 & 4 – Notebook and pen (notebook shown found here)

3 – TOPSHOP Lips in Infrared

5 – Urban Outfitters Spotlight Sunglasses

Thanks Elsie! You are fun, creative and inspiring!

So readers, what’s in your bag? Email me to be featured in our TOP 5 series. Victoria@amykathryn.com

xo, Victoria

O, how cute are Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess? They’re doing a giveaway for one lucky gal, but if you want to shop now… use coupon code MESS25 for 25% off today and tomorrow only! 

Always, AMY

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Carolyn, The Healthy Voyager, totally loves our amykathryn bags! She’s a vegan connoisseur of yummy food and travels all over to find gems of restaurants and products. Her TV show and Book are incredible! & OMG, amykathryn handbags her product of the week!
We even made the Healthy Voyager’s Holiday Gift Guide! We’re really getting a lot of media attention these days… yeah!

Thanks Carolyn, for showing us how much you enjoy being vegan! & loving our bags. Always, AMY

It’s official… I just booked my flight to Marrakech, Morocco!

Who: Just me! What: Travel trip for inspiration and adventure. When: November 7th – November 30th, 2011 Where: Madrid, Spain for a night, Marrakech for 2 weeks, and then to Casablanca (like from the movie), Rabat (large coastal city) and perhaps Agadir (surf spot). Why: Inspiration and lots of fun!

I will be looking for groups of women that make handbags so that we can sell them in the amykathryn line and support women entrepreneurs around the world. We are launching the My Bag is Her Bag campaign. Every bag you buy will support the woman that made it and her community.

So this CA beach girl is transporting herself to another land where I can’t wait to report on the smells, sounds and sights of Morocco! Stay tuned…


Always, AMY