O boy. I was out of commission for a couple days with the flu. I’m now able to look at my computer screen and get my blog post up! I had lots of thinking time while stuck in bed… everything around us is inspiration if we let it in. I love seeing art in the streets, and being inspired by it. Look at these colors and the freedom in form! Last year I went to this exhibition at MOCA downtown LA.

1. Art in the Streets at MOCA Geffen Contemporary – it’s not on display anymore

2. Powell Peralta skateboards. My brothers were obsessed with these. I hurt myself a few times trying to ride skateboards. I’m more of a water sports girl.

3. Installation by various artists

4. Keith Haring car – watch this movie about Keith Haring

5. Banksy installation – watch this movie about street art – you’re gonna love Thierry!

6. Shephard Fairy artwork

To me, street art is about exposure and putting it out there. You gotta do it! Whatever your talents are, get it out. We wanna see. Always, AMY

I’m not going to lie, summer is on my mind. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “but Spring JUST got here!”  I just can’t help it though.  I’ve been day-dreaming about eating ripe watermelon, spending time at the beach in the sun, and enjoying long days.

I don’t know what screams summer more than this years “it” color paired with a vibrant magenta.  If you weren’t sure what this year’s “it” color was, it’s Pantone’s Tangerine Tango (now you know!). This is what inspired today’s For Love of Color post.

Tangerine & Magenta (or as I call it “punchy pop”):

art / food / decor / fashion

This color combo is so strong and fun! It can be applied to your fashion and your home…. all year long.  Who else loves this color combo?!

xo, Victoria

I believe it’s sacrilegious to buy anything new in Brooklyn. At the very least, it’s against hipster code. My brother, his girlfriend & I walked to this great vintage fabric store from his place in Brooklyn, NY.

I so want this fabric for my new curtains...

Highly recommended, beautiful inspiration from back in the day! Always, AMY

There’s a place I want to visit… Nukus Museum is in Karakalpakstan, a region of Uzbekistan which is south of Russia. This guy, Savitsky, collected artwork from Russian avant-garde artists to preserve their vision since it was not accepted by Communist Soviet Union. He collected more than 40,000 works from unknown and well known artists from 1950s till his death in 1984. He created this museum in the middle of the desert and I want to go see it.

"Crimson Autumn" by Ural Tansykbayev 1931

These colors are to die for. The painting has influences of the region being close to Asia and Russia, but this guy is just wild and original.

"Bull" by Vladimir Lysenko ca. 1930

The bull has eyes like the barrel of a gun. Intense rebellious feelings against Soviet Union & Stalin.

"Portrait of Man" by Vladimir Komarovskiy

Bold and beautiful. Haunting yet hopeful.

"Buddha of the Evening Light" by Boris Smirnov-Rusetskiy

Color. Elevating & dreamy.

"Girl With Doll" by Alexander Osmerkin

Until we head out to the far away desert, I hope these pictures took you on a magic carpet ride as they did to me. Always, AMY

Watch the movie - It’s on Netflix too.


I started out on my travel adventure with my lightweight amykathryn duffel bag & my backpack. What I didn’t have was any hotel reservations, scheduled activities, lists of things to do -basically no plans whatsoever. My flight to Marrakech had an overnight layover in Madrid, Spain. So I took the metro into the Atocha station in the center of town. My first time getting lost, (on this trip) was wandering these beautiful streets. Could you blame me?I literally stumbled (in my moccasins) upon this hostel and went in.I dropped off that heavy backpack and headed out to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum before it closed.

Albrect Durer - one of my fav artistsPeter Paul Ruebens - SO so impressive seeing his work in real lifeView from Thyssen Museum


After walking many kilometers around the streets and a few more inside the palacial walls of the Thyssen, I grew very hungry. I stopped at this seafood tapas bar and had a wonderful plate of crawfish/shrimp and a delightful Mahou beer. The next morning I headed back to the airport via the metro. Hasta luego Madrid, here comes Morocco. Always, AMY

Good-bye November… why hell-o, December!

This weekend, we are participating in the largest independent design/fashion/art show in the country!  It’s called Unique LA.  If you live in Los Angeles, you may have heard about it or been to an event before. For $10, you get 2-day access to shop over 325 designers/artists under one roof, enjoy complimentary drinks, and participate in DIY workshops.  If you’re in Los Angeles, DO NOT miss out on this fun shopping opportunity! Support independent design & local community. There’s always such a wide variety of unique and original gifts, fashion, toys, jewelry, stationary and art. Get a jump start on your gift-buying this holiday season! We will be there with our newest handbag styles & even some older styles that have sold out.  Look for us – we will be sharing a booth with our friends over at Amy Tangerine. Here’s a little video from the last show: The 3rd Annual Holiday Show.

Unique LA Holiday 2011                                                                                            Where: Downtown LA at The California Market Center                                                 When: Saturday & Sunday 12/3-12/4 11am -6pm both days                                   Tickets: $10

Tony Duquette was a Los Angeles native artist influentially known for his decadent design style from the early 1940’s until his death in the late 1990’s.  He started his career designing extraordinary costumes and sets for theatre and film.  His designs were bold, colorful, elaborate, layered and always with a touch of imagination.  Duquette’s talent in theatre and film opened the doors to the arenas of interior design, furniture design, and even jewelry design.  Below are some snap shots I took of a few powerful pages from the book Tony Duquette by Wendy Goodman & Hutton Wilkinson. Enjoy!

Duquette always used bold colors and layered lots of patterns and lush textures in his interior works and costume designs.

It’s all in the many details… fantastical and fun!

Duquette had the ability to bring so many different visual elements and materials together and create a perfect harmony.

These are pics from pages of the Tony Duquette book.  I highly recommend you take a look at this book on your own, either from your local library or buy it here.

So, are you inspired like we are?  Always, Amy & Victoria

Love, love the total experience of the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena, CA. The building is modern mid-century that just makes sense navigating the collections easy breezy. It houses perhaps my favorite permanent collection in a museum in LA. The entrance takes me to a state of relaxation – you know, the quiet, peaceful place you want to go when you close your eyes. On the other side of the entrance through the lobby, are glass doors to the Lotus garden and pond. I love that garden!

Yes, back to the art. These are the pieces from the permanent collection that totally become alive when I see them in person. At least they invigorate my ideas and passion for color to life. They fuel what I put out in the world… Like handbag and fabric design.

This stands out as a ‘transition’ period between Medieval style to Renaissance style of the human form. Yes, the body takes precedent, but the foliage and hair detail is incredible!

Portrait of a Boy, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1655-1660

Reclining Nude, Jean-Antoine Watteau, 1713-1717

The Laundress, Edgar Degas, 1873

Tahitian Woman and Boy, Paul Gauguin, 1899

Head of a Peasant Woman, Vincent Van Gogh, 1885

Exotic Landscape, Henri Rousseau, 1910

Portrait of Artist's Wife, Amedeo Modigliani, 1918

Uncle Dominique, Paul Cezanne, 1866

So I’ve adopted Uncle Dominique as my own. Somehow he makes me feel all that I am, and just floors me with his texture – it’s so thick and fluid – it’s like watching a movie. He tells me all the secrets I need to know about myself and the world. Visit him sometime… he might do the same for you. Norton Simon Museum

I’m sure many books have been written about each one of these paintings. I just thought I’d share the images that speak to me when I see them in person. What do they say to you?